Terms and Conditions

If a service has been requested and paid for, no refund will be given if the customer backs out, unless work has not yet started. With regards to domain names, all domain names are secured on behalf of the customer within 5 minutes of the sale, these, therefore, are legally binding straight away. No refunds can be given on domain name registrations. All of our Pro forma Invoices have a link at the bottom of them to our T&C’S on our website, and all of our invoices are e-mailed out within 24 hours of purchase. The reason we email them is so that we can trace them to ensure that every customer receives their invoice immediately and if they need to, they can read all of our Terms and conditions. If any e-mails are delivered to your junk mailbox, we cannot be held responsible for this. We are dedicated to providing a top-class service to ALL of our customers if any help or advice is needed please contact our support team on the main landline number on our website.

Please note that in all business to business transactions, no cooling off period is given. This is in accordance with government legislation, for full details please follow this link: https://www.gov.uk/data-protection-your-business

If Google change their algorithm which they do every 6 months or so, rankings will be affected, and we will on occasions require fresh website content written by the customer. We cannot be held liable for loss of rankings when algorithms change.

All domain names come up for renewal on a 12-monthly basis, this is standard practice and applies to every domain name on the internet, everybody has to renew domain names. As we host thousands of them, they automatically renew 30 days prior to the 12 month period from which you purchased it. if you do not wish to keep your domain name you must put this in writing to us 90 days prior to renewal otherwise they will automatically renew. Once a domain name has been renewed there is nothing 123 Domain Names Limited can do about this, we act as a third party agent to the relevant governing body to whom which domain renewals are paid to. All Domain names have different re-licensing fees to the relevant registrars, we charge a flat fee of £49+vat annually, this includes us doing all the paperwork and paying the relevant fees to the regulatory bodies concerned it also includes us setting up and hosting any email services on your domain names. If you wish to transfer your domain name to another ISP we will gladly do this for you and we charge a flat fee of £50+vat to transfer domain names away from us to the relevant ISP you wish to change to. (please be aware that EVERY ISP has to charge domain names on an annual or 2 yearly basis) Every single domain name on the internet has to pay this. All domain names are kept on our Servers with our Web masters so that when they do come up for renewal, we are always on top of them and people don’t forget and lose their domain names. when we transfer domain names out, we change the registrant details to the customers details and the technical details will be that of your new ISP.

As per registrar policy, all domain name registrations and renewals are final. No refunds are given on successful domain registrations or renewals all domain names will automatically renew 30 days prior to renewal unless email notification is received to info@mangomedia.online stating otherwise. Once a domain name has been registered, we are unable to alter them in name or extension, should additional domains be requested they will be chargeable at the current market rate plus admin fees. if management review a cancellation for a domain name and a successful refund is issued a £100 administration fee is payable.

As we register large amounts of domain names in bulk daily, all domain names are registered under the name 123 Domain Names Limited as we have an account, and this enables us to register domain names quickly. If you wish to have your domain name(s) transferred into your personal or business name, please alert us and this will be done instantly, however, records can some time to update. Our clients own their domain names.

All websites require hosting on the internet. Our hosting term runs for 12 months at a time and if we do not receive written confirmation from you 30 days prior to the exact date from the previous year it was set up, then this will automatically renew and cannot be reversed. We buy hosting space so we act as a middle man so once a renewal has been done it cannot be reversed, we state on all of our invoices that hosting is free in year one, after that it’s a flat fee of £120 per annum. The same applies to all domain names these are set to Automatically renew unless we get written confirmation from you 30 days prior to the domain name coming up for renewal. If a customer decides to cancel their website midterm and there are some months remaining on the hosting, no refunds will be given as the hosting packages are priced per annum and cannot be broken down pro-rota.

We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time, but if there are ever any increases in domain name renewal fee or hosting, we will alert you.

123 Domain Names Limited is trading as Mango Media.